PDF Edition

We are delighted to provide the MeG Maximus and Magna PDF Edition. These are the same rules as the MeG Compendium Edition but in Portable Document Format (PDF) for accessing on a PC, tablet or other mobile device.

The Introduction to MeG (chapters 1-6 and 10-12 in the Compendium Edition) can be downloaded free of charge.

The MeG Maximus and Magna Rules can be downloaded for GBP 20.00. The rules incorporate the existing errata and clarifications, and have been restructured to make the rules easier to follow. Bookmarks have been added for all the chapter and section headings. Links have been included for all cross references to other sections and to all glossary terms.

Print on Demand versions (available worldwide through Lulu) will be available shortly.

The MeG Pacto Rules PDF will also be available soon. For the first time, Pacto will have its own specific rules. For more information go to the Pacto section of the Meg Forum.