Welcome to the multi-award-winning ancients wargames rules Mortem et Gloriam (MeG for short). In 2020 the rules were the first ancient main battle set to ever win an award in the Wargames Illustrated hobby awards; and it won a clean sweep in the historical wargaming hobby awards run by The Little Corporal (both surveys with a few thousand responders). Knowing so many people are loving the game makes it all worthwhile.

This website is the hub for all things MeG, whether you are interested to know a little more, you are a beginner learning to play or an expert seeking to stay abreast of everything. All are published by PSC, so shop here If you want a quick overview click here for a video introduction from me.

MeG is a battle game that can be played in three different games sizes –

Pacto, Magna and Maximus (small, large and largest), and with any basing system

The game has received high praise for being the most representative set of rules where historical refights work extremely well and armies feel right. This combined with an innovative game system that gives near-simultaneous movement and fast a fun interactive game, have made it increasingly popular.

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This is the best place for deeper discussion or for any rule questions that need and official answer from me as the author.

Enjoy playing and come along to some of our events, where you will get a fine purple welcome.

Simon Hall