Author’s Videos

AV1Whats in the box
AV2Intro to MeGA mini battle with just 2 units that demonstrated the key movement, shooting and melee mechanisms of MeG
AV3Simultaneous MovementAn explanation of the origins of the CCC shared turn and why it was created
AV4The Skull DiceWhy these dice are not a gimmick but a system for particular results and ease.
AV5CharacteristicsWhy and how the system is set up to make armies feel realisticComing Soon
AV6Choosing an armyWhat to consider when choosing an armyComing Soon
AV7Using the lists and the army builderDemonstration of building an army from scratch for Pacto, Magna and MaximusComing Soon
AV8Pacto to MaximusWhat’s different about the games and building from one to the anotherComing Soon
AV9Prompted actionsA run through every action on the table for a single unitComing Soon
AV10Block movesEvery action as a block moveComing Soon
AV11Charges and ResponsesHow to resolve them and what is allowedComing Soon
AV12ShootingFull coverage of all shooting concepts coveredComing Soon
AV13CombatFull coverage of all combat conceptsComing Soon
AV14PBS SystemWhy it exists and how tin worksComing Soon
AV15Any basing worksHow to play using any basing system
AV15Basing protocolsBasing the PSC Sassanid box set
AV16Quick BasingMy approach to creating nice bases easily
ABV1PACTO gameRomans vs. Sassanids using box sets
ABV2PACTO gameThe Battle of Magnesia in 6mm
ABV3PACTO gameThe Battle of Sabis in 15mm
ABV4MAGNA gameEgyptians vs Hittites in 15mm
ABV5MAGNA gameTeutons bs Hungarians in 15mm
OAV1Movement Basics (10)How the coloured cards/discs work
OAV2Block movesComing soon
OAV4Turn and move
OAV5Block turn
OAV6Block turn and move
OAV7Skirmish and run away (1)
OAV8Skirmish and run away (2)
OAV10Close Proximity Zone
OAV11Pre-Battle SystemWhy it exists and how it works
OAV12Army DesignBuilding a classical Indian army for Maximus and Pacto with an ally
QAV13Army DesignVikings in Pacto and Maximus