MeG Fantasy

We also have prototypes of fantasy versions of MeG which will ultimately become Fantasticus et Gloriam  and some suitable campaign settings.  Here below is a PDF of suggested amendments and additions to MeG from Simon Hall to play fantasy games (click on the banner)

Fanmade campaigns

In this section we have materials and lists to encourage and help people play campaigns, these are both ‘unofficial’ and ‘fanmade’. If you have an idea for a campaign, or just some alternative lists , please get in touch and we can collaborate to get your ideas out there!

The lists here won’t have gone through as much due diligence for design balance as the armies in the army list section. For casual play feel free to use whatever list changes you deem fit. For competative play the lists best selected from the ‘army list’ section , unless the the competition organisers give special dispensation. 

During the periodic list reviews armies from here may be adopted, and included in the army list section.

Campaign settings for

Lord of the Rings by Thane Maxwell and Simon Clarke

Games of Thrones from Simon Clarke.