Getting Started

Here is a checklist of the things you need to do to start playing Mortem et Gloriam.

1. Download and read the free Introduction to MeG PDF.

2. Download the MeG Maximus and Magna PDF Edition rules.

3. Obtain CCC game accessories (but see below).

4. Obtain armies. Ready made paper armies can be found here.

5. Find a table and obtain some terrain pieces.

6. Find an opponent.

A lot of help can be found on the MeG Forum.

MeG always plays better with the official accessories. For those on a budget, it is possible to create your own. For the cards, take an ordinary set of cards, paint the backs to match your terrain and paint the fronts with the colour: 6 RED, 10 YELLOW, 14 GREEN, 12 WHITE, 8 BLACK. For the skull dice, use ordinary 6 sided dice. BLACK: 1=S 2,3,4,5 =Blank 6=Wound; WHITE 1=S 2,3,4=Blank 5,6=Wound; GREEN: 1=S 2,3=Blank 4,5=Wound 6=Skull; YELLOW: 1=S 2=Blank 3,4,5=Wound 6=Skull; RED 1=S 2,3,4=Wound 5,6=Skull.