MeG Maximus and Magna PDF Edition

In January 2023 we have introduced a new format for the Mortem et Gloriam rules, the PDF Edition. The PDF edition does not include any rule changes from the 2020 Compendium Edition, but incorporates the errata and clarifications.

We have provided a FREE introduction to the rules. They incorporate an explanation of the author’s objectives, where to obtain player support, how to get started, an overview of MeG, definitions of figures, bases, units and armies. It also includes optional rules for FoG of war and campaign rules.

The main rules themselves are a separate PDF. The PDF edition has hyperlinks and bookmarks inbuilt for ease of use. The structure of the rules has been adjusted to make the rules easier to follow. The rules can be purchased here as a PDF.

Print on Demand versions of the rules will be available shortly.