Our 650 Army Lists

No other ruleset has been accompanied by such a vast collection of well-researched army lists.- we have over 650 and they are all FREE online here in 26 PDFs. The rules and lists combine to create the character and feel of an army better than has ever been achieved before.  Huns feel like Huns and Romans feel like Romans.  But even better every era of Romans feels different and all the horse archer armies feel different.

We have a world-class team of historians and gamers involved including the author Simon Hall, Society of Ancients treasurer Richard Jeffrey-Cook, history and list guru Nik Guakroger, Lurkio founder Simon Clarke, plus many other experts in specific areas. Notable thanks go to Lance Flint, Lee Sanders, Leslie Mitchell, John Munro for particularly rich contributions.  We are always open to evidence and lists form experts in particular fields.