Our 650 Army Lists

An incredible team of wargamers and historians have come together to create the largest and most up to date set of army lists for the ancient period covering over 650 different lists. The team led by Richard Jeffrey-Cook have created separate lists for the three different version of Maximus, Magna and Pacto. The lists include points so you can doodle with pen and paper when creating a list. Notes are now added at the appropriate point in the list and allied armies and enemies include list numbers to quickly find the right list. As well as the lists themselves there is also the Master Index. This lists the armies by list set, in alphabetical order and by date as well as providing a list of aliases and identifying the armies that a list can be allied to.

In 2023 we have changed the system to allow access directly to the lists in cloud storage. Follow the link which will take you to a folder from which you can download the lists.

The lists are organised into seven eras or geographical areas: Chariot; Classical; Early Medieval; Asian; Medieval; Americas and Oceania; and Renaissance.

For Maximus, the lists are sub-divided into smaller sets and each army has historical notes included to set the context of the army. For Magna and Pacto, the sets are combined in each era.

The folder also includes the Army Builder. This is a spreadsheet available in both .xlsx format (for Microsoft Excel users) and .ods format (for use with LibreOffice, OpenOffice or other products supporting the Open Document Spreadsheet format).