2023 Competitions and Events

There are numerous Mortem et Gloriam competitions and events taking place in 2023. An up to date list is maintained on the MeG Forum.

UK and Ireland Maximus 2023 Competitions

Feb 11/12 Beachhead BIC Bournemouth. Late Medieval . https://entoyment.co.uk/…/11-12-02-23-mortem-et…/

Feb 25/26 BHGS Badcon Greece v Persia at War 670-357BC. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/badcon-2023-wargames…

March 5th Kent Clash One day. Hoplites and Pike at War. New Beacon School Sevenoaks (Peter Cross)

March 18/19 Toil Darkage. Boards & Swords Derby. Early Medieval pdfs. https://www.boardsandswords.co.uk/…/derventio-iii-30th…

April 1/2 Rollcall Magna 28mm Open comp https://www.bhgs.org.uk/roll-call.html

April 22/23 Preston. Moor Park Social Club, Preston. Medieval theme.

May 13/14 Campaign Team Event Milton Keynes. Teams of three. Theme 1 – Armies of Enemies of Edward I. Theme 2 – Armies and Enemies of the Vikings. Theme 3 – Nellie the Elephant (Elephant armies).

June 3/4 Outremer and Reconquista; 1096 AD to 1291 AD Battlefield Hobbies. https://www.battlefieldhobbies.co.uk/our-events/

June 24/25  2023 Asiamaniacs Irish Nationals competition (mortem-et-gloriam.co.uk)

June 24/25 MAGNA Event Battlefield Hobbies 7000 points Details TBC https://www.battlefieldhobbies.co.uk/our-events/

July 15/16 Devizes ClassicalCompetition.

August 11/12/13 Britcon. Nottingham. Open Competition.

September 16/17 Chariots of Fire Biblical. Competition. Boards & Swords Deby.

Oct 7/8 Skullrollers Open Competition. Battlefield Hobbies https://www.battlefieldhobbies.co.uk/…/skullrollers…/

Skullrollers Worlds 15mm Mortem et Gloriam Maximus Maximus 10,000pts entirely open – any army from any list. Sponsored by The Plastic Soldier Company

Oct 28/29 Derventio Classical Competition. Boards & Swords Derby.

November 11/12 Warfare

December 2/3 Ribble Rumble Element Games Stockport. 10k Theme TBC

Pacto 2023 Events

March 25/26 PACTO Skulls Classical. Battlefield Hobbies.

July 8th PACTO (One day) Battlefield Hobbies

Outside the UK 2023 Events

Jan 21-22 1350 CE + all Books IWC Brussels Belgium

March 4-5 1000BCE-1000CE + 1 tug Elephants CHANIER France

May 6-7 OPEN BORNEL Paris France

May 27/28 3000 BCE – 450 BCE (+ All in America) European championship ATHENS

July 19th to 23rd Historicon USAUK MEG Events Guide 2022