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MeG 2020

Welcome to 2020 – a huge year for MeG and its related rule system within the CCC (Colour Command & Combat) family.

This year we:

  1. are publishing new compendium edition at Salute in April (it will be for sale with a very attractive pre-order deal Dec 1) with Maximus, Magna and Pacto,
  2. launch our UltraCast plastic 15mm ancients figure range also at Salute,
  3. launch new CCC game materials to make our games look superb,
  4. have our 4 major championships around the world with me attending all four,
  5. have our first Pacto and Magna competitions (Historicon2020 will feature Pacto)
  6. publishing the Renaissance (Q4) and WW2 versions (Q3) of the CCC game.
  7. publishing the first skirmish versions of rules with Invasion Earth (Q2) and men of Steel (Q4)

The new MeG Compendium will be a 240-page hardback book with a new look and 20 world class pieces of artwork by Guiseppe Rava. It will integrate all clarifications and include a more extensive set of diagrams and will combine Maximus, Magna and Pacto in a single volume. The new book will be printed, marketed and distributed by PSC and will be fixed for 5+ years. The book is currently being set out with a new artwork design. It is looking really good. Her is a taste of what is to come.

The PSC agreement changes everything in terms of the rules and growth of the player base. We have before us the opportunity to grow a large international community and enjoy it. My development time will now move to developing WW2 rules, Invasion Earth and ReG. So I won’t be changing MeG, I’ll just be enjoying playing it while working on other projects.

We want to catch any final changes now prior to print. Over the last few months the team has reviewed everything and found that the rules were near optimised on 1/1/2019. Most new ideas have been rejected. We are putting in changes for fixes requested from players for cheesy moves and unclear areas. There is only 1 new rule from me, 1 QRS tweak for balance and 1 material new insight on troops about chariots. Job done and very proud of what we have created. Thank you to the 500+ players who have contributed encouragement and ideas.

So 2020 is essentially very much 2019 So you can start playing 2020 in compendium form here are the changes with their rationale in italics and we are issuing our QRS, lists, Army Builder etc. before Dec 1 so we can all switch over for the complete year ahead.

PBS variety improved. By adding 1 card for all armies and playing 6, with the first being for who gets to choose territory type from the options within the defenders army list, we will get a the fill variety. All this does is provide more variety and a nicer narrative. You choose to defend. Your opponent can play a Red card to try to take control of where he invades your nation if it wins, and gets to choose to invade your coastal area say when you would prefer your mountain area. We have found this to add another great decision and choice to the mini-game with no downside at all. It also makes it a little riskier to try to save all good cards for scouting as you feel pressured at times to play a good colour as you first card. SAFE WIN.

Prompting through fire more difficult. This one I nearly did in 2019 but didn’t want to overshoot. Now 1BW = Yellow to recover, 2BW = Red to recover, 3BW = impossible to recover. Rest as is. This was something I nearly implemented in 2019 and wanted to test the half way position in the year. Biggest observation in 2018 was that bow armies were hard to play and we improved them then. Player feedback is that horse archer armies are still too difficult to play vs. foot armies and that large loose order foot bow armies are not viable at all. The aim of this is to balance both of those issues and make them viable choices for players WITHOUT making horse archer armies easy.


  • Flank Charges altered to fix cheesy flank charges. Retain ‘past the line’ as today, but adding a second condition that there must be a 1BWx1BW free space on the flank being charged qualify as a flank charge. There is a bit of irritation with the look and feel of charges that are just past the line. The team as has concluded that this is not the issue but rather it is where that is possible when there is fairly clear flank protection nearby – this looks and is cheesy. This solves that problem in a simple way.
  • Fix for Break Offs that go too far. Maximum of movement distance -1BW. Players have found the ability of Cv to break off from cataphracts and be safe to be cheesy, and to be out of bow range as well. This solves such issues in a simple way.
  • Fix of wounds on Mediocre Generals. A wounded Mediocre General loses his cards as if stunned. Players have found it cheesy that there is no effect on a MG and it is worse to be stunned than wounded. This solves it simply.
  • Uneven terrain removed. Replaced with OPEN AREA which blocks other terrain placement. Players have requested this for some time and even though the author doesn’t agree here is some living proof of listening and responding – I’ll go with the large majority.
  • Fix of a deployment flaw. Deployment in 4s doesn’t work well with big armies and will be replaced with deployment in 1/3rds. Players have found it cheesy that large foot armies out scout small ones and this solves that problem in a simple way.
  • Forced Charges for Byzantines etc. CL/DC with charge-only shooting are subject to forced charges. Players have commented that while charge-only is spot on the forced charge bit isn’t. Fixed.
  • Use of allies cards when they are unreliable. Hesitant (term will change from unreliable) allies cannot discard cards. Same as with a “dead” or flank marching general.
  • ArmHrs vs. Powerbow. ArmHrs to protect cavalry from PBw at long range. Players have commented that PBw is a bit too dangerous and the late mounted were armoured up to allow them to get to them. Added easily by using ArmHrs from 2019.
  • Shieldwall always 2+ deep to count.
  • BWgs redone. New rules for them that are far better representation. These will not be issued Dec 1 to avoid distractions as we want to test them on the two BWg players first, but will be out once that process is complete. The few players using them have commented they are a bit cheesy and unrealistic. A new better way has been developed by RJC and will only affect them, so a clear plus. LISTS Again the overall set of 650 was largely optimised 1/1/2019. The headline is that you should find modest improved options in the lists. We have checked carefully to make sure that anyone with any army should find their army as good or improved a little – possibly a bit changed in character by below of course. With 650 to go at we may have missed a few. Here are the main themes:
  • Chariots adjusted. All are now chariots and can run away or skirmish if they have missile weapons, better ones are loaded with characteristics and still very dangerous in a charge. This comes from new research presented at the SoA conference which will have MeG as the only ruleset ever to represent chariot warfare well. While this changes a few late chariots to be a bit less tank-like, the team is convinced it is a net plus for biblical armies and we will see more of them in future. It’s a clear winner in our philosophy of maximising historical feel within a great game and as people try them we are positive coming back to us.
  • Feigned flight. Added to those armies that can use it. So the characteristic can now be played as was planned. It is limited to a single UG so will not dominate games.
  • External Allies. Lists now ensure that external allies are only allowed together when they operated together. Players have started to notice and exploit some very odd combinations so this fixes that problem at their request.
  • Fixed a few list flaws. There are a few flaws noted by players which we will fix. The Longbow/MAA 7s doesn’t work. Samurai had PBw too early for the development of the Yumi. These inputs and requests from players have been built in. Thank you.


The Army Builder was largely optimised at 1/1/2019. Here are the three things that change:

  • PBS dominance of professionals reduced. PBS cards will be done off Army Commander only with Professionals getting 2 more cards. The players found that foot professional armies were saving PBS cards for scouting and outscouting instinctive mounted to easily. This softens that effect. Point adjusted up 100 for Instinctive subs to compensate for professionals losing their effect. Works very nicely as a legendary instinctive matches a competent professional AC.
  • Bows. Points for bows reduced a bit for loose – it may give an small extra TuG to a horse archer army or a 8-base one to a foot bow army. Players have found bow armies to be very hard to play and a bit underpowered and we have realised SuG bows get many more shots than loose bows. This combined with prompting through fire should make them used more often.

Minor internal inconsistencies. A range of this fixed by minor tweaks that in reality will barely affect an army design. Keeps the scientists happy that everything is in relative balance.

Enjoy and roll some skulls!

Simon Hall MeG-Meister

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