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Author Topic: 2020-05-23 - 1st Athens International MEG tournament - "ATHENS RECKONING"  (Read 171 times)


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Dear Friends - Members of the MΕG community.

We are pleased to announce our first International MEG tournament. A two days - four games event is scheduled for May 23rd - 24th in 2020 in Athens Greece.
The tournament will take place in our club premises "STRATEGIKON of ATHENS" which is located nearby our historical city center. The above event is initially planned for 30 participants tournaments but we will be more than happy to welcome as many members of the community as possible to enjoy good games under the sunny Greek weather.
All list have to be of 10000 pts covering the period between 1072 CE and 1453 CE.

More content to be released within the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile for any enquiries feel free to contact us via email:
theodore_galanis@yahoo.com (Theodore Galanis) and
godzeusgr@yahoo.gr (Kostas Konstantoulakis).

We're looking forward to see you in Athens for some good MEG games.

Your MeG friends from Greece
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Kostas Konstantoulakis


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I'm hopefully an attendee


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Message me if you need information about MeG tournaments in the UK


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I go