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Author Topic: 2024-09-07/08 BRULIB EMEC (European MEG Championship) 7th & 8th September 2024  (Read 545 times)


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The liberation tournament will take place on 7th and 8th September 2024

Why libération, well Horrocks's 30th corps liberated Brussels with the "Brigade Piron" on the 3rd and 4th september 1944  8)

Venue :
Lutgardis college
De Wahalaan 11
1160 Oudergem
Close to metro "Demey" and "Hermann-Debroux" a 10 minutes walk

To pay : 55 €
Payment paypal to jeanluc.vanloo@gmail.com with your name + Liberation 2024

The fee include breakfast and lunch,

Armies max 10 000 points,

400 CE til 900 CE  / LISTS 2024

To be noted for all allowed lists, the ally must be in an allowed list and the type of UGs consistent with the theme 400 – 900 CE

Classical Balkans and the pontic steppe
Allowed lists  2111 Alan, 2113 Quadi, 2114 early vandal,2117 Scirii, 2118 Greuthingi, 2119 Heruli, 2120 Gepid,2121 Hunnic, 2122 Gothic and 2123 Early Langobard

Classical Egypt and Judea :
Allowed lists   Only 2210 Blemmye,  2213 Later Pre-islamic Bedouin and 2214 Southern Pre-Islamic arabian

Classical Germany, Gaul and Britain :
Allowed lists  2305 Scots Irish,2308 Picts, 2309 early franks, 2310 Rugii,2311 Burgundi,2312 Alamanni,2313 Suevi, 2314 Frisii, 2315 Old Saxon,, 2317 Thuingi,2318 Turcilingi and 2319 Gallic Foederate Roma,

Classical Italy :
Allowed lists  Only 2518 Foederate Roman and  2519 Late Foederate Roman are allowed

Classical Persia,Iran and India
Allowed lists  Only 2614 Middle Sassanid Persian and 2615 Hephthalite

Classical Spain Sicily and Africa
Allowed lists  only 2716 Later Moorish

Early Medieval Arabia
Allowed lists  3101 early arab conquest,3102 Arab Conquest, 3104 Umayyad in africa and in spain, 3105 Umayyad and early abbasid, 3106 andalusian, 3107 North African Dynasties, 3109 Caliphal later Abbasid, 3110 Regional Later Abbasid, 3113 Tulunid and Ikhshidid, 3114 Bedouin Dynasties

Early Medieval Britain
All lists allowed apart from 3212 Anglo Danish

Early Medieval Byzantium
All lists allowed except 3320 Later thematic byzantine, 3321 Nikephorian Byzantine, 3322 Later Nikephorian Byzantine

Early medieval Frankia
All lists allowed except 3419 Early Holy Roman Empire, 3429 Breton, 3421 Norman and 3422 Normans in Italy and Sicily

Early Medieval The steppes and eastern europe
Alllists allowedexcept 3518 Leidang, 3519 Early Polish, 3520 Early hungarians, 3521 Cuman and Kipchak

Each player must bring his own dice, tools, miniatures, printed list and terrain,

 there are 30 slots, no more

Those who want to take part may sent a message to me  : almegajw@gmail.com

I am also the list checker and lists are to be sent 25th august latest, the complete Excell file.

When the referee says that time is over you end at your current phase.

Saturday :

09h30 : we open doors, and you get your lunch and coffee
10h00 - 13h15 : first round
13h15 - 14h00 : lunch
14h00 - 17h15 : second round


08h00 : we open doors and you get your lunch and coffee (we begin early for people who have trains or planes to take and if no one must leave early add an hour ))
08h30 - 11h45 : third round
11h45 - 12h30 : lunch
12h30 - 15h45 : last round
16h15 : hurray to the winners
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as a reminder : I am also the list checker and lists are to be sent 25th august latest, the complete Excell file.