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Author Topic: Main differences in Pacto compared to Maximus and Magna  (Read 900 times)


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Main differences in Pacto compared to Maximus and Magna
« on: August 18, 2023, 04:49:31 PM »
This is a summary.  For the 13, I recommend buying the PDF (either as a PDF or print on demand from CCC games website - or following the link from the MeG website).

he Pacto changes that will be in the new Pacto PDF edition will be:
1BW (base width) in Maximus/Magna becomes 1HBW (half base width) in Pacto.

1. KaB tests reduced in effect.  Poor rolls GREEN.  Average rolls WHITE.  Superior & Exceptional roll BLACK.  Elephants/Battlewagons roll BLACK.
2. Skull results from shooting cause a wound and a slowing effect.
3. Skilled shooters vs Superior upgrade a dice colour at <= 1 HBW.
4. Foot crossbows standing to receive upgrade a dice colour.  But downgrade against FArm foot and FArm elephants at <= 1HBW.
5. Slowing effects.  Skirmishers and mounted slow by 1HBW for S or Skull results.  Foot, artillery, firearms and shower shooting slow by 2HBW for S or Skull results.  Press forward as per Maximus/Magna.
6. Shooting arc.  UGs must shoot at target most directly ahead.
7. SuGs can only fight TuGs that are a wound from breaking.
8. Align UG to UG in Pacto.  Supporting UGs also align.  A supporting UG that aligns or is aligned to cannot move in the movement phase.
9. Flank/rear.  UGs hit on front and flank/rear do not turn but can roll 1 dice for each edge contacted.  Contact on each enemy edge gives 1 UG fighting and supporting UGs.  So in theory an UG could be fighting on all four edges and their opponent could have up to 4 supporting UGs.
10. Shatter/Shove. Instead of the Maximus/Magna effect, S (not Skull) results in combat obtain a bonus roll (GREEN for Shatter, White for Shove).

Melee combat: in the example A is contacted on all four edges by 1 (with 2 supports) 2, 3 on flanks and 4 (with 2 supports) on rear.  1 and 4 have supporting UGs.  2,3 and 4  will get +2 for flank/rear.   Note supports for 1 and 4 could be replaced by supports for 2 or 3 but no more than four supporting UGs can be achieved.


10. Bonus dice for shatter and shove.  Instead of neighbouring file effects. Shatter results give an immediate bonus GREEN dice.  Shove gives an immediate bonus WHITE dice.

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