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Author Topic: 2023 Lists - Official  (Read 942 times)


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2023 Lists - Official
« on: January 11, 2023, 07:38:19 AM »
Things are a bit busy in MeG-World and this may have slipped by. However, the 2023 army lists and army builder are available from a shared One Drive folder at this link:


There will be a webpage tidy up shortly but real life is getting in the way so please bear with us.

The link is currently available on the website under the Rules menu item.

The Magna and Pacto army lists have been split into separate PDFs, grouped by era.  The Maximus lists remain divided into the familiar list sets albeit with some changes.  The old Assyria and Babylon list set has been split into two, “Bronze and Iron” and “Assyria and Babylon”. The Italian Wars list set is now in the Renaissance era, along with the last three lists in the Land of Samurai list set which are in a new list set called Japan.

All the armies have now been given a four digit number.  The first number indicates the era, 1=Chariot, 2=Classical, 3=Early Medieval, 4=Asia, 5=Medieval, 6=Americas and Oceania and 7=Renaissance.  The second digit indicates the list set and the final two digits indicate the army itself.  The numbers are used in both the historical enemies and allies sections to help you locate an army quicker.

The notes within each list have now been placed in context. A note specific to a troop type now appears below the troop type. This should make it easier to spot the notes that are relevant.

Some armies have moved list sets:
Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin – Moved from the Byzantium to the Egypt and Judaea list set.
Southern Pre-Islamic Arabian – Moved from the Byzantium to the Egypt and Judaea list set.
Later Moorish – Moved from the Byzantine to the Spain, Sicily, and Africa list set.
Arab Indian – Moved from the Arabia to the Asian India list set.
Feudal French – Relocated from the Reconquista to Valois list set.
Northern Medieval French – Relocated from the Reconquista to Valois list set.
Southern Medieval French – Relocated from the Reconquista to Valois list set.
Banu Ghaniya - Relocated from the Africa to the Reconquista list set.
Hafsid - Relocated from the Africa to the Reconquista list set.
Marinid - Relocated from the Africa to the Reconquista list set.
Kingdom of Tiemcen – Relocated from the Africa to the Reconquista list set.

There are new lists for 2nd Dynasty of Isin (in Bronze and Iron), Eumenid (in Syria and Asia Minor), Heraklian Byzantine (in Byzantium), Heishi Militia Japanese (in Land of the Samurai) and Normans in Sicily and Italy (in Holy Roman Empire). Feudal Portuguese has been split from the Castille and Leon list.  Various lists have had their start or end dates adjusted.  The Hebrew lists have been renamed Israelite.

Artillery is now specified as either “Cannons” (for heavy artillery), or “Guns” or “Bolt Shooters” (for light artillery).

There are a few points changes for 2023.  Shieldwall has become slightly more expensive. Shove has become slightly cheaper.  These changes are to reflect the usefulness of the characteristic.  Artillery (if not in a battlewagon or attached to infantry) has become cheaper to encourage its use, as has feigned flight.

The 2023 army builder incorporates the points changes and allows the army number to be entered to help list checkers.

The biggest changes within the lists themselves are:
1.   Thureophoroi. Thureophoroi have lost the shove characteristic. All armies with thureophoroi have an all or none option to become Loose, Experienced Javelin, Short Spear.  This change affects 17 different lists.
2.   Late Roman and Byzantine legionaries. These have been given the Shieldwall characteristic. Note: this is not applicable for the Impact Weapon types, only the Short Spear types.  This change affects 8 different lists.
3.   Khwarazmian allies in Crusades lists have become a contingent rather than an ally.
4.   Some restrictions have been placed on guard units in that they must be in the Army Commander’s command.  If chosen this will prevent the Army Commander from floating.
5.   Some armies can now take slingers in Loose formation as opposed to skirmishers.

There are lots of minor changes.  Many typing errors have also been corrected.

Note that the list of changes at the bottom of each set is not definitive. I tried to keep track of all the changes but I suspect I didn’t always succeed.

The Pacto lists have undergone a significant change with UG sizes.  This is to accompany the new PDF edition for Pacto which I hope will be published in Q1 2023.  As a guideline, cavalry, camelry, chariot and skirmisher UGs are generally allowed 1 or 2 bases.  Infantry with Pikes are 3 bases.  Infantry that can be in 9’s in Maximus are 2 or 3 bases.  Infantry that can only be in 6 or 8’s in Maximus are 2 bases.  Artillery, elephants, and battlewagons, 1 base.  Some minima and maxima have been adjusted to reflect this revised approach.

My thanks to the people who have volunteered to proof-read the army lists, Andrew, Andrew, Jonathan, Roger, Wayne and Hunter.  Any errors that remain are my responsibility.

Richard Jeffrey-Cook