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Author Topic: 2019-06-08 - AUS - Melee 2019  (Read 80 times)


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2019-06-08 - AUS - Melee 2019
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:42:17 AM »
MELEE 2019- Western Sydney Comp

WHEN: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June (ie first two days of long weekend). Be there at 9am. We should finish about 5.30 each day.

WHERE: The Games Cube Parramatta. Level 2, 79 Philip St Parramatta.

WHAT: We are running two comps at the same time this year. So select whichever takes your fancy. Either:

 ADLG 300 points Lists must be taken from the Ancient, Classical, Roman or America section. Bring your terrain as it will not be pre-set. 2 rounds each day of approximately 3/12 hours. Lists should be submitted by the 1st of June to martymagnificent@...


MEG 10k Points, open. List submission and round times as above

The reasoning for two comps is that many previous attendees are now playing MEG while others are equally devoted to ADLG. The organisers (Paul R and myself) play both. If either comp doesn't get at least 6 players we will cancel it. The ADLG is 300 points to aid Cancon preparation and so we can run both comps to the same time limits.

COST: $30 to be paid at the event.

Cold drinks and snacks are available at the venue and there are many places nearby to get food. Parking is free on Sunday but you will have to pay a (smallish) fee on Saturday.


Martin Williams
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