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Author Topic: E Byantine vs E Merovingian Franks 539  (Read 882 times)


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E Byantine vs E Merovingian Franks 539
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:19:16 PM »
Add Early Merovingian Frank vs Early Byzantine ~ During Gothic Wars in Italy, attacked Ostogoths and Belisarius after crossing the Alps under Theudebert I. The reverse is also needed in the lists.

After relations between the Frankish kings had settled down, Theudebert found himself embroiled in the Gothic War started when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I attempted to subdue the Ostrogoths in Italy. Justinian saw Theudebert as an ideal ally: Austrasian lands flanked the Ostrogoths in northern Italy. The emperor paid Theudebert handsomely for his assistance, but Theudebert proved an untrustworthy ally. The Frankish armies saw the Italian conflict as an opportunity for plunder and a chance to exert their own claims to northern Italy. In the event the Byzantines were forced to fight the Franks as much as the Ostrogoths.

a large Frankish army under King Theudebert I crossed the Alps and came upon the Goths and the Byzantines encamped on the two banks of the Po. They attacked the Goths who, thinking they had come as allies, were swiftly routed. The equally astonished Byzantines also gave battle, were defeated and withdrew southwards into Tuscany. The Frankish invasion was defeated by an outbreak of dysentery, which caused great losses and forced the Franks to withdraw. Belisarius concentrated on the besieged cities, and both garrisons were forced by starvation to capitulate in October or November 539

Early Merovingian

Burgundi; Alamanni; Thuringii; Frisii; Old Saxon; Italian
Ostrogothic; Tolosan Visigoth; Burgundian; Provencal;
Swabian Duchies; Bavarian

Early Byzantine
Gepid: Burgundi; Later Moorish; Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin;
Eastern Later Roman; African Vandal; Sabir; Langobard;
Sassanid Persian; Italian Ostrogothic; Tolosan Visigoth;
Southern Slav; Bavarian; Avar; Early Bulgar; Christian Nubian



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Re: E Byantine vs E Merovingian Franks 539
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2020, 02:18:38 PM »
Thank you.