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Bearing in mind the stated objectives of this Forum, we do ask users to kindly abide by the following rules:

* this Forum is read by a global audience of all ages and backgrounds: please keep all content appropriate and polite
* each Forum member is permitted a single login account: the use of multiple accounts is not permitted
* in the interests of easy communication with other Forum members, please avoid the use of jargon, uncommon abbreviations, mobile phone “text-speak” or SHOUTY CAPITALS
* we encourage a healthy debate, but will not tolerate swearing or other rudeness; misogyny, racism or personal attacks

* sex and politics are not suitable topics for this Forum
* please also respect the personal messaging function, and do not use it to spam other members
* we strongly encourage the use of links to externally-hosted content, particularly photographs [e.g. on Photo Bucket or], in order to both render better on the Forum and to keep down storage costs
* please avoid cross-posting the same content in various different parts of the Forum
* the Admin team may from time to time move content around to make it more accessible
* please report [there is a "Report to moderator" link at the bottom of every post] any content that you feel is inappropriate
* the Admin team reserves the right to ban from this Forum anyone who does not abide by its spirit and the above guidelines
* do please contact the Admin team if you have any queries about these guidelines or problems in using this Forum.
Many thanks - and please do enjoy this Forum and help to keep it a vibrant community!

The TWZ Admin team


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