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Author Topic: Free Company vs French Ordonnance, 28mm miniatures  (Read 1428 times)


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Free Company vs French Ordonnance, 28mm miniatures
« on: May 19, 2019, 12:23:47 PM »
Free Company vs French Ordonnance.

Pre-battle phase and scouting phase
Another one MEG Magna game with 28mm miniatures. This time, Free Company confronted French Ordonnance army. In the 5-day pre-battle phase the French general was better from his opponent and achieved to meet his enemies in an perfect field for his army. An open valley with some rough goings on the right flank. In the Scouting phase, French general was also better and managed to see the half Free Company army.

The French deployment was (from right to left): Opposite the rough goings were Bidets (skirmisher javelinmen), mercenary crossbowmen and Ordonnance archers. Then stood in the centre dismounted Men at Arms, Ordonnance Men at Arms (front rank) and Coustilliers (second rank) and Feudal Men at Arms. After a gap stood dismounted Men at Arms, dismounted Men at Arms and skirmisher crossbowmen.
Free Company deployment was (from left to right): in the rough goings were Bidets/Brigans (skirmisher javelinmen), Italian crossbowmen and English archers. Then in the centre, dismounted Men at Arms, dismounted Men at Arms and English archers. Then, a small gap and French knights as reserve behind the gap. Next were dismounted Men at Arms, Brigans (with Polearms) and Italian crossbowmen.

At first, the battle was ambiguous. But there was a crucial moment for the French Feudal knights. They made a charge in which they lost 1/4 of their ranks. Then they fell on the opposing dismounted Men at Arms and English archers. Even though, they could win but they were charged by adjacent dismounted Men at Arms and collapsed.
It was the beginning of the French disaster.

One by one the units in the centre were destroyed and the whole French army broken. Free Company lost only the unit of Brigans.
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