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Author Topic: Greek vs Byzantine  (Read 32 times)


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Greek vs Byzantine
« on: May 11, 2019, 05:59:30 PM »
Had a bit of an awkward game today - mostly lancers with some shooters on the Byzantine side vs. Greek Long spear with a bit of light foot.
The lancers couldn't charge, as long spear is a very tough target. (+2 LS vs 0 for cancelled CL)
The Greeks didn't really want to either for fear of the lancer's shatter effects, plus losing flanks and so on.
Shooting had little effect due to shield cover - except when the Greeks did charge, further entrenching the Greek position not to do so. (one charge vs skilled shooters killed 2 1/2 bases!)

And the terrain was not conductive to flanking - woods in the center of the table.

So it was 4-4, with one TUG killed on each side by the bell.  We could have easily played for another 2 hours to get a final result.

I think the Greek player could have been more aggressive, deploying 3-deep and accepting the nasty (pro-Byzantine) charge for the equally nasty (in his favour) melee phase.
I have a terrible fear of flank marching as I've never seen it work but I think in this case I should have given it another try as the payoff could have been big, so maybe that was my mistake.
Byzantine tried to work the flanks but was never quite fast enough - he always managed to scrounge up a reserve to plug the holes.

Any other thoughts on what could have / should have been done?