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Author Topic: Can a charge change direction if the target of the charge moves first.  (Read 207 times)


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This question was asked because

1.C:6.1 page 25  says "Charging troops keep to their direction of charge except where their target has moved for any reason, in which case they may alter direction to get as close to them as possible (see 5.N)."

5.N:3.1 - page 69  says "They may alter their direction if by so doing they can catch, or are attempting to catch, any UG that has moved position since their charge was declared due to a run away, skirmish, intercept, or countercharge. The change of direction may not exceed the limit of a 90 wheel at the beginning of a charge."

5.N:3.1 should also include charge.  This has been added to the errata.