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Author Topic: WoFun collaboration to grow the hobby  (Read 260 times)

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WoFun collaboration to grow the hobby
« on: February 26, 2024, 06:06:20 PM »
CCC Games and WoFun are delighted to announce a collaboration on all CCC rulesets with a view to making entry into the tabletop gaming hobby as easy as possible.
•   WoFun will be producing boxed MeG Pacto battle sets of matched pre-set armies in 28mm and 18mm scale (and in due course starter sets for all CCC Games)
•   The initial sets are ZAMA: Rome vs Carthage GAUGAMELA: Macedon vs Persia, THERMOPLYLAE: Sparta vs. Persia, and CARRHAE: Rome vs Parthia. 
•   Buyers get 30mm bases with 18mm scale sets and 40mm bases with 28mm scale sets.
•   CCC Games will be promoting WoFun products at events and via Total War: Rome as an easy route into tabletop wargaming. 
•   WoFun will also be producing battle sets for each for the core factions in Total War: Rome for use with the BattlePlay box set. 
•   WoFun will have links to all CCC rules and board games on their website, and you will be able to buy the PDF rules on their site.
•   CCC games will be a stockist CCC WoFun products to make them more easily available in the UK at local postal rates and at shows, and will have links to the relevant WoFun armies for all rules on their Websites.

Simon Hall comments ...

“I have always had a passion for growing our hobby and its player base.   The biggest obstacle is usually the cost and time to paint armies.  Youth of today are impatient and many of us aging wargamers find it difficult to find the time to paint, and for some eyesight and a steady hand is a thing of the past.  The WoFun product solves all of that and gives and easy way into tabletop gaming with figures that look superb.  A base is about half the price of a base of metal figures, and no painting needed. And they are perfectly acceptable at events playing against traditional painted armies of the same scale. I have really enjoyed using their ACW range with Richard Jeffrey-Cook in development of the up-and-coming CCC rules for that period, and we are already using them for REG demo games (they will be at Salute).

We are very excited to be able to work with Lucian to maximize the positive impact ready-to-play plexiglass figurines can have on our hobby. WoFun's mission is to make wargaming accessible to all history enthusiasts by offering ready-to-play figurines, easy-to-set-up scenery elements, and our Pacto Sets will be excellent products that will help WoFun fulfil its mission. Let us hope we create many new WoFun customers and many new players for our communities.  I will be delighted to be using them at Pacto events in the future.

In addition, the box set for the core armies in Total War: Rome will allow players to have instant saying pieces to add to the visual appeal of the game - holding back cards behind the battle just for the game data.”

WoFun founder Lucian adds ...

“For over 6 years, WoFun has been making the wargaming hobby more accessible by producing ready-to-play Plexiglas miniatures in collaboration with renowned artists. Simon’s passion for the hobby is infectious and he has been at the forefront of game design now for 20 years. We have already enjoyed working with him our initial Pacto sets and look forward to working closely across all periods.  The way we can provide ready-made figure sets for the Total War board game is especially exciting.  We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration to grow the player bases of all games.”
WoFun's ECW range will be in use at the weekend at the launch of Renatio et Gloriam. Watch the Facebook pages for more details. Here are some images of those - you can see how lovely they are close up.

And recently I found them on display at the history centre for The Battle of Bosworth - famously where Richard III died in The War of the Roses.

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