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Author Topic: More Pacto POD issues  (Read 415 times)


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More Pacto POD issues
« on: November 04, 2023, 06:51:33 PM »
5.M SHOOTING AT CHARGERS - Diagram could be taken to imply that the path of charge has to be directly ahead of shooter, rather than just ahead.

APP1.E SHOVE - Point 1 says "Shove occurs on S results...", disagreeing with the back-of-book QRS (well technically I suppose you could argue it does not say "Shove ONLY occurs on S results..." and therefore is correct but incomplete ;)

APP2. GLOSSARY - Repeated entries for "Uphill" to "Within XXX".

Back-of-book QRS still has +2/+1 shatter and shove in the claims sections.

And not an error, but inconsistent and therefore potentially confusing presentation: Skull effect in impact/melee is in a very obvious list with big icons; skull effect when shooting is small text tucked away at the bottom of the dice colour upogrades/downgrades (And I had in fact completely missed this until I happened to read the bullet point list of Pacto differences in the forums just now!)

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Re: More Pacto POD issues
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2023, 07:51:55 AM »
Thanks for letting us know.