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Author Topic: 2019.03 Errata  (Read 1297 times)


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2019.03 Errata
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:42:30 AM »
2019.03 - Erratta.

Chariot - Assyria and Babylon - Early iranian - UG size for Nobles and followers should be 4,6.

Classical - Greece and Macedon - Mercenary Greek.  Cyrenean Greek allies should only be allowed in 322 BCE (he died in 322 BCE).

Asian - Ghengis - Josean Korean - The list notes for guns should read "SPECIAL RULE - LIGHT GUNS. Instead of being deployed separately, light guns may be attached to any drilled infantry TuG. In the army builder, insert "Experienced-Light Artillery” shooting in the firing section of one shooting base of the TuG, and use a light gun base for this.  Note that this base is still an infantry base not an artillery base. The TuG moves at BWg speeds (but may double move) and with any move the TuG may abandon the light guns, in which case replace the artillery base with a normal infantry base that matches the rest of the TuG, and revert to infantry speeds for movement thereafter. Note that a file may only fire once and the file with the artillery must choose whether to fire the artillery or to fire the bow or crossbow in that file instead.  The rule for charging guns (KaB test) will apply if the base with light guns is charged – so it must be in the front rank to get this benefit. This special rule should be explained to opponents as soon as the first TuG of this type is deployed."

Early Medieval - Byzantium - Later Thematic Byzantine - The notes make reference to a Moorish ally.  This is incorrectly copied from the Thematic Byzantine list and should be ignored.

Medieval - Italian Wars - Pre Cordoba Trastamara Spanish -  Upgraded landsknecht and landsknecht hakenbuchsenschutzen have the shove, keil and melee expert characteristics.

Medieval - Reconquista - Almoravid - Skirmishing crossbowmen should be 0 to 9 not 6 to 9.

Medieval - House of Osman - Ottoman Turkish - The notes should read "Serbian troops must be commanded by a Serbian general, who cannot command other troops. The minima apply only if a Serbian contingent is taken. Vlastela can be combined in a mixed-TuG of 1/2 fully armoured and 1/2 protected."
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