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Author Topic: 2023-07-23 Canceled BE & MeG Northern League R3 Halifax, 23rd July  (Read 616 times)


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Due to withdrawals we have sadly had to cancelled this event

BE & MeG Wargames League Round 3 Halifax


Round 3 - Halifax - July 23rd
Halifax Club at their club venue
Belgrave Social Club.
277 Claremount Rd,

Players to arrive at 09:00am for a 09:30 start to the games.
Event organiser: - Geoff Pearson geoff.pearson3@yahoo.co.uk

Army list to Geoff Pearson for MeG
by the Sunday the of 9th July 2023

Cost 5 paid on the day
No food is included recommend to bring a pack lunch

MeG will be Singles  - Magna 7000pts Any Army from the year Rise and fall of Roman 753BC/BCE to 476AD/CE

Table size 120cm * 90cm (4' by 3') playing area (3 x 2.1/4 hour games).

1st Game 9.30am - 11.45am
2nd Game 12.15pm - 2.30pm
3rd Game 2.45pm - 5.00pm

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