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Author Topic: 2023 Army Lists - Errata  (Read 1891 times)


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2023 Army Lists - Errata
« on: January 27, 2023, 11:31:44 AM »
Classical Spartan 2403 - The list should say from 450 BCE, not 449 BCE.
Classical - Early Imperial Roman 2516 - The UG sizes for skirmishing archers, javelinmen and slingers should be 6, 9.
Classical - Imperial Roman 2517 - Magna - Regrade section for legionaries and auxilia.  Shoot & Charge should be Integral Shooters (correct in Maximus and Pacto)
Classical - Imperial Roman 2517 - Pacto - Veteran legionaries should be Superior.
Early Medieval - Early Feudal French 3418 - The set included the 2022 list.  This has been replaced with the 2023 list.  Otherwise compulsory spearmen are optional in allied contingents.

There was an error in the army numbers for allies in Set 14 (Assyria and Babylon).  This affected Maximus, Magna and Pacto lists.  It has now been corrected (27 January 2023).  The list sets:
MeG-Pacto-Army-Lists-1-Chariot-Era-2023-01.pdf can be re-downloaded from the existing link.

Classical - Greece and Macedon:  2403 SPARTAN.   A query has been raised on the allies for the Spartan list for 478 BCE.  The first ally is Athenian.  The second ally consists of minor Greek States.  It cannot be Thessalian or any of the other named state options in the Classical Greek list.  (Thessaly was under Persian control at this time).
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