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Welcome to 2023


Simon Meg-Meister:
A great year ahead.  The post-Covid world is opening up and we can spread the purple joy around the globe.  Let's try to get as meany new members of the Purple Legion as possible,

The PDF edition goes live tonight.  It is a great piece of work by RJC.  All the clarries etc are folded in.  The PDF has bookmarks and is serachbale to make things easy to find.  It has been materially reorganised with assistance from Huub Steegman (thank you) so everything is just where you need it now.  It also has hyperlinks to defined terms - click and it takes you there.

We have the Magna and Maximus set out now at 20.00 and has the updated PDFs within it.  It has proved a technical nightmare to find a way to give discounts to Spartans etc. I hope therefore than in the grand scheme of things buying it once will be acceptable to ever the early adopters.  If it is a genuine issue for someone please get in touch. But the only way would be a private one off code for each individual player.  Very hard work.

Once you have bought it you will get and email prompt any time it is updated and then you will get the new version.  So when we do vs2 one day with some bigger changes that will just be a free download.

A separate version for PACTO with its own diagrams will follow soon for 10.00.  Same principles.  The rules have been improved to be more in line across Pacto to Maximus.  We will check them for Magna and Pacto this year and of course update the PDF next Jan if need be.

We then have a free PDF of the first 6 chapters.  As you know these give a great overview of the game.  So now you can forward it to all friends and they can read about the game for free.

We have loaded the document onto LULU.  This means that you can get a hardcopy printed out locally and get it without paying for long distance P&P.  the quality is very good indeed.  We are just waiting for final hard copy proofs to size the covers and we will put it live.

These are all now live on the website. A full 650+ lists.  Separate files for Maximus, Magna, and Pacto.  Richard has added a superb numbering system that makes cross referencing and finding armies east.

We are hoping to get more people travelling overseas for events.  Please do try to come to SkullRollers in October at Battlefield Hobbies.  You also have the IWC in Belgium, Great events in France, Australia, Greece and Poland.  We are going to Historicon 2023 to properly launch the rules (as we launched the PSC version jsut as Cofud cut in we have never been).  Details will be announced soon.  Do PM me if you are interested to join us.

As we seek to gain more players, those of us blessed with 1000s of figures need to encourage those getting started.  We are therefore introducing Pacto and Magna event and adding 25/8mm.  Do spread the news. From experience we have found that we can attract a lot of 40k players into Pacto, and there are a lot of people with WAB and 6th edition 25mm armies sitting there doing nothing.  Let them know how good the game is and send them the free intro.

We have got the capacity to do professional videos coming together so watch out for the first of these where we have top dow, player and dice roll perspectives all at the same time.  Going to be very good.

Let's grow the community a lot now.

Onwards and upwards.


The Purple Legion needs you!


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