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Author Topic: All My Anglo Danish Units So Far  (Read 359 times)


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All My Anglo Danish Units So Far
« on: March 20, 2022, 11:51:05 AM »

I cannot get near my painting table at the moment and consequently I find myself with some downtime. I want to keep the momentum going on all my projects ergo this post featuring all the units painted thus far for my Anglo Danes.

If you hop on over to my Just Add Water blog there's a host of pictures from all sorts of angles of all the units, casualty markers and the one single Shieldwall marker i have managed thus far:

There's a bit of chat about what my plans are for the army, to enter my first Swordpoint event and plans for a redux of the Fulford Gate display game. If you're interested do jump over to my blog at the link above.

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fyrd Unit 1:

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fyrd Unit 2:

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fyrd Unit 3:

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fyrd Unit 4:

Command Base 1:

Command Base 2:

Casualty Base 1:

Casualty Base 2:

Casualty Base 3:

Casualty Base 4:

Casualty Base 5:

Casualty Base 6:

Huscarls/Fyrd, Shieldwall Marker and Casualty Marker: