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Author Topic: Bedford's Battle, Battle of Verneuil 1424, Heraldic Info etc  (Read 390 times)


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Bedford's Battle, Battle of Verneuil 1424, Heraldic Info etc
« on: February 14, 2022, 08:30:42 PM »

This piece was written for my old La Journee blog but as I'm resurrecting the Verneuil project I thought it might be i/ a good introduction to what I'm going to be doing and ii/ the importance of pageantry and Heraldic display (sometimes in surprising ways) in Late Medieval Battles.

As the introduction to the topic says on my blog:
"What follows is a republication of a very old blog post (so old I cannot remember what year it was pit together- though mu guess would be 2010) recovered on Wayback Machine that I think Hundred Years War aficionados out there might find interesting. I chose to publish it again as it focuses in on the the John, Duke of Bedfore and the importance of pageantry and accompanying symbolism during the Hundred Years War. A subject that is often misunderstood and missing on the wargames table, at least in my opinion."

If you're interested in the pageantry and Heraldic display aspect please hop on over to my blog here:

Bedford's Battle

Bedford and Talbot

Sir Henry Tilleman