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Author Topic: 2022.01 List Errata  (Read 2316 times)


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2022.01 List Errata
« on: December 08, 2021, 07:16:30 PM »

General - Contingents cannot be commanded by an army commander except where explicitly allowed for in a list.

Classical - Balkan and the Pontic States - Introduction - The date of the Hunnic list in the introduction should finish at 469 CE.  The list itself is correct.

Classical - Egypt and Judaea - Jewish - Note makes it clear that the list can be taken as an ally after 6 CE.

Classical - Greek & Macedon - Hellenistic Greek - Achaea should be Achaean for consistency.  Achaean forces can upgrade thureophoroi.

Classical - Italy - Mid Republican Roman - The Veteran Legionaries (207 to 197 BCE) are in addition to the 16 veteran legionaries already permitted.  Triarii are not mandatory.  Added Galatian as an historic enemy.

Classical - Italy - Later Campanian - Triarii are optional. The 1/5 limit is a maximum.

Early Medieval - Frankia - Provencal - The dates in the introduction are wrong.  The dates on the list (535 to 639 CE) are correct.

Official Errata

Chariot - Sumer and Akkad - Highland Raiders - A command cannot have more than 1 UG of Chieftains and their retinue (not Best warriors).

Classical - Persia, India and Iran - Middle Sassanid Persian - UGs of swordsmen must be 6 or 8.  9's are not permitted.

Classical - Syria and Asia Minor - Asiatic Successor - Asiatic Successor internal allied generals are required to take either the Xystophoroi or the Greek mercenaries but not both in their contingent. The mandatory Greek mercenaries in an allied contingent can be replaced by an elite Macedonian phalangite unit.

Early Medieval - Early Arab Conquest - Note should say Cavalry dismount as Formed Close, Average (Poor if downgraded to Poor), Protected, Short Spear, Shieldwall.

Early Medieval - Britain - Early Anglo Saxon - The restriction on hird changed to "No command may have more than 6 bases of hird."  (4 for Magna, 2 for Pacto). 

Early Medieval - Byzantine - Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin - The dates in the headings should be 250 to 636 CE.  The list is correct.

Early Medieval - Byzantine - Nikephorian and Later Nikephorian Byzantine - Spear protection only cancels Cv, Cm or Ch Charge Phase preferred claims when standing to receive.

Asian - Three Kingdoms - Di, Later Qiang - Cavalry can only be upgraded to Cataphracts from 300 CE.  (This only affects armies using Di or Later Qiang as allies prior to 300 CE).

Asian - Tang - Tibetan - Only up to 1/2 Nomadic light cavalry may have the Cantabrian characteristic.

Asian - Land of the Samurai - Muromachi Samurai, Sengoku Samurai, Nobunaga Samurai -  Samurai bushi dismount as Formed Loose, Protected, Powerbow, Melee Expert of the same quality and one level better shooting skill (Skilled if Experienced when mounted, Experienced if Unskilled when mounted).

Asian - India - Rajput Indian - The end date in the introduction is wrong.  It should be 1310 CE.  The date in the list itself is correct.

Medieval - Kings in the North - Medieval English - Militia should not be date restricted to only from 1423 CE.

Medieval - Ostsiedlung - Medieval Polish - War Wagons should be 204 pts not 214 pts.

Medieval - Italian Wars - Italian States - The note on Landsknecht hakenbuchsenschutzen should say up to 3, not up to 2.

South America - Canari - Maximus list is missing a line for Skirmishers with atlatl. 0 to 18 Infantry, Skirmisher, Average, Unprotected, Experienced Darts, Combat Shy UG size 6,9. (30 pts)
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