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Author Topic: Competition Decorum  (Read 254 times)

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Competition Decorum
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:37:42 PM »
Players and Organisers should follow these guidelines in competitions:

1. BRING A LIST WITH YOU Every player should bring a copy of the list from which they have designed their army.  You do not need to share your design but you should offer you opponent the list to look at before playing.  With 620 lists players simple cannot bring everything to a tourney, so do them a favour and bring 1 instead.
2. CHECK LIST TO ARMY ON THE TABLE At the end of the first game please swap actual army lists and check them.  This is not about trust, rather it is about protecting against any genuine mistake by a player running the length of a competition. It can at times be easy to forget something and get in the habit of thinking you had, say, T/C/C/M when you at the end dropped it to T/C/M/M to get under points.  Any error can be picked up and corrected for remaining games.  See it more as "can you just check and make sure I didn't make any army mistakes please?". So you are doing your opponent and everyone else a favour by quickly checking.  I myself once made the mistake above ... genuine and spotted it myself before game 2.
3. ILLEGAL LISTS Where a list is found to be illegal after play has started it should be made legal before the next game. If it is found to be illegal before any moves have taken place, it should be made legal somehow for the game (drop a general or something to poor) and may then be adapted thereafter.
4. DECLARATION OF TROOPS AND ALLIES Players declare troops when they are placed on the table, but allies are only declared when generals are placed at the end (this is the only time you find out it is an ally).
5. TIDY TABLES AND PHOTOS Keep the table tidy.  If using cards tidy them to the rear and put discards and rthe pack neatly in a corner.  Leave charge markers on the table only until they are no longer needed and tidy them away neatly.  Keep the dice in a tidy area to the side.  remember out hobby is on show and there is no reason for tables to look messy.  Pay extra attention before taking photos - a 15 second tidy up makes your photos massively better to look at.
6. UMPIRES Respect umpire calls.  Any official clarifications posted in the annual set on the website, or on my forum area here are official.  All discussion and banter in other sections are not but may well inform an umpire on an intent.  I try to cover issues quickly and accurately but do not always succeed. This is a "game of war"  not a "war of a hobby".  Let us always remember that, and play it in the spirit it is intended.  Always remember an umpire is doing you a favour, not the other way around!
7.  FUN  Have fun most of all.  The rules are purple; faces should not be!

Rolling Skulls in the land or Purple

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Re: Competition Decorum
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2019, 12:08:25 PM »
An issue has been raised with opponents lists and etiquette of checking at Competitions when flank marches/ambushes are in play.
Competition Etiquette and Lists/Deployment/Ambush:
 I would say that common sense will need to prevail.

Oh, we are wargamers, when did common sense count?

So, my plan...
Flank marches and ambushes as an entity are declared before the troops hit the table, so your opponent will know they are happening, but not what/where/who is happening. Therefore if this is the case, those troops and lists should only be checked AFTER these extras enter the table. Umpires can check on table troops if a flank march is very much delayed (I will bring a print out of all lists) and a player requests it...

How does that sound?