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Author Topic: Second Unarmoured Early Byzantine Unit Close Ups of Bases 21/04/2021  (Read 361 times)


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I really surprised myself by managing to get up very early this morning and taking the rest of the close ups after only managing the first two bases yesterday- the lure of painting my new Boukellaroi/Bucellarri was too strong to resist yesterday! This is going to give me time to keep working away at the beautifully sculpted Boukellaroi/Bucellarri later today.

If you look closely at some of the images you will notice that there has been some sort of reaction between the Humbrol Gloss Spray and the Windsor and Newton Matt Pro Spray. I usually use Humbrol brush on Enamel Gloss as it is easy to control thus I'm wondering if this might have been down to possible "pooling" of the gloss with the spray? If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear from you as I really want to avoid a repeat of the problem. You can either leave a message for me by leaving a comment of contact me through the email facility on the blog.

There is also a brief description of how I wanted the models to mesh with one another above some of the images.

First Base:

Second Base:
The moment in a melee where the highest ranking officer in the unit has been forced into the unenviable position of having to take his place in the front rank in order to hold the unit together. Perhaps the standard bearer is gesturing to a possible flank attack?

Third Base:
Here the musician blasts out a specific note to indicate to the officer placed in the back rank (see below) to order the archers to loose.

Next three bases to come ASAP!