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Author Topic: 2021.01 Errata  (Read 2051 times)


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2021.01 Errata
« on: April 02, 2021, 07:00:53 PM »
Official Errata

Clarification.  Skilled shooting may be downgraded to Experienced.  Experienced shooting may be downgraded to Unskilled. No other options are available.

Biblical - Assyria and Babylon - Kushite Egyptians - Best archers should be Formed not Tribal. 69 pts.

Classical - Gaul, Germany and Britain - Lowland Gallic - List should indicate that chariots after 100 BCE must be converted to cavalry.

Classical - Gaul, Germany and Britain - Gallic Foederate Roman - Note was truncated.  It should also say "Equites dismount as equivalent infantry".

Classical - Greece and Macedon - Spartan - Allied contingents should be 479 not 478 BCE.

Classical - Italy - Later Campanian - Maximus and Magna. Note was truncated.  The last line should say "The numbers in the list reflect the total number of hastati, principes and triarii.".

Early Medieval - Magyar - Note should say Kavars not Khazars.

Asian - Ghengis - Later Northern Song - Regraded Imperial spearmen should be "Formed Flexible" not "Formed Loose".  Points should be 112 pts.

Asian - Ghengis - Ming Chinese and Yuan Dynasty. - Cannon sbould be Experienced Shooting Skill, Barricades and Combat Shy at 184 pts.

Asian - Japan - Muromachi Samurai - Mixed TuGs of samurai and ashigaru - max number of ashigaru with yari should be 32 (in Maximus) 24 (in Magna).

Asian - India - Rajput Indian - The internal allied generals should say 0-2 Any Instinctive (or if Mongol, Professional).

Medieval - House of Osman - Timurid - The Samarkand Guard are missing the mandatory characteristic "Shoot & Charge".  The points per base is correct at 266.

Medieval - Kings in the North - Feudal English - Replace muntatores with hobilars should be "All or none", not "All".

Medieval - Kings in the North - Yorkist English - MAGNA only: The note is incorrect.  Household knights can combine into a TuG of 4 (not 4 or 6).

Medieval - Valois - Later 100 Years War English - Add to notes: Knights dismount as Formed Close, Fully Armoured, 2-H Cut & Crush of equivalent quality.

Medieval - Holy Roman Empire - Hungarian.  Hospitaller knights are only available from 1150 CE.

Medieval - Reconquista - Medieval Portuguese - Portuguese knights should have the option to be Dismountable at 6 pts.

Medieval - Italians Wars - Late Swiss - Italian and French Knights in the Lorraine Alliance should be Close not Loose at 160 pts.

Medieval - Italian Wars - James IV Scottish - Clarification - Shield cover rule does not apply vs artillery (as stated on page 208 in the rules).

Medieval - Italian Wars - Later Castilian - Armies in Italy.  The Mixed TuG of Condottieri and Coustiliers should be Drilled Close.  At 160 pts for the Condottieri and 93 pts for the Coustiliers.

Medieval - Italian Wars - Italian States - Milan option.  The Famiglia Ducale should be Drilled Close at 224 pts.

Medieval - Italian Wars - Tudor English.  Royal Household knights should have the options of Melee Expert (43 pts) and Dismountable (9 pts).

Medieval - Italian Wars - Pre-Cordoba Trastamara Spanish and Trastamara Spanish.  Italian Elmeti dismount as Drilled Close, Average, Fully Armoured, 2-H Cut & Crush (Poor if downgraded to Poor).

South American - Southern Mapuche - The 2020.01 list for Southern Mapuche may be included in competitions at the discretion of the tournament organiser.  Only one unit of best warriors is permitted in any command.

General note:  Except where specifically mentioned in the lists, where quality is downgraded and troops dismount, the quality of the dismounted troops must be downgraded as well from that specified in the lists.

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