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Author Topic: Mortem et Gloriam blossoming worldwide - the purple flower is growing fast  (Read 524 times)

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First a thank you to all players who help spread the good news about the CCC system and Mortem et Gloriam.  Not long until we add Renaissance and World War 2 to the portfolio.

Just to let you know it is working ...

1. When vs2 was launched we had about 850 followers for the master Mortem et Gloriam FB page.  We now have 1730 and rising every day. 
2. We are already the clear no 2 behind Hail Caesar and growing fast ... all of this despite Covid and no Face-Face which always gather slots of players.
3. We are starting to see fantastic articles in the press about the system.  Ian Beals refight article, Will Denham on Mortem et Gloriam with 10mm, and recently a comparison with Hail Caesar which basically says buy both and you won't be disappointed.
4. Mortem et Gloriam Fest 1 was 40 people and doubled in just 8 weeks to 80 adding Poland, Spain and Australia as countries. I am seeing a fantastic range of new names coming into the game and he community continues to be friendly and full of enthusiasm.
5. The first Age of XXXX supplement is getting rave reviews - great job by Richard Jeffrey-Cook - and we have 10 volunteers keen to do the next ones.
6. The ULTRACAST range is now through its initial learning phase and there figures are now consistently excellent with much more to come.
7. We are drawing players from all era of wargaming and all ruleset.  DBA players are really liking Pacto. HC big game players are using it for large multiplayer games. 40k player are loving the speed and dice. People with Impetus and Saga based figures are playing the system.

Let's keep spreading the purple love ... something to smile about in these challenging times.

Stay safe everyone.

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