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Author Topic: COMPENDIUM COMMON QUESTIONS  (Read 2319 times)

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« on: August 11, 2020, 07:58:29 AM »
This stream covers common questions that come up and gives and explains the answers.

CAN YOU MOVE AFTER PURSUING IN A CHARGE OR SHOOTING PHASE? This is written as intended on page 80 item 14.  If it made a charge this turn it cannot do another prompted action other than those stated. If, however, it was in combat and some other friends somehow caused its enemy to break then it is free to make an action
WHERE DO GENERALS GO WITH BATTLEWAGONS? As BWg have 2 files each model facing to their flanks a general can be located to them to the side when in column and may only join 1 such file in any combat if so positioned. A column of 3 BWg and a general could be like the below diagram (the general is with a file). 
                     B-B - B-B - B-B
CAN YOU SHOOT AT THE 4TH RANK OF PIKE WHEN IT IS IN MELEE? Yes when it is in melee as they are not contributing.  But you cannot move them around with MF2 moves as they are engaged bases.  This gives a minor opportunity to weaken pike blocks if you can get around their flank to shoot at them.  The two effects are deliberate.
WHEN DO YOU LOOK AT THE 1BW SQUARE FOR FLANK CHARGES? Always at the time a charge is moved, the same as for considering whether a base starts behind the line.
WHEN YOU OPT TO RUN AWAY INSTEAD OF BEING PUSHED BACK DO YOU GET TO SHOOT? No.  The only shooting is in SP2.5 and SP3.1, as stated in the turn sequence.  You simply do a move it as a run away. It is not a charge response (which is when it gets to shoot).
CAN A SUPPORTING FILE MOVE AWAY FROM COMBAT?  Yes. If you are in frontal combat you are tied up and have to use MF1 and MF2 moves only. Frontal combat is defined as having an enemy fighting you with their front edge.  So a supporting file having only corner contact can move away if desired. Of course the enemy may make and MF1 move to create a frontal combat and stop this.
IF A SuG IS CONTACTED IN THE MOVEMMENT PHASE BY AN ALIGN OR MF2 MOVE DOES IS IT PUSHED BACK?  Yes play it just as written, any contact in the movement phase does so unless exceptions apply. Note they don't get pushed back in the fighting phase ... so if they hang around in a hazardous spot and don't move away they might caught drawn into the fight (cunning design you see ;)).
CAN YOU DO A BLOCK HOLD EVEN IF SOME TuGS ARE NOT DEV CHARGER? Yes, play as written. The rules allows all actions to be block actions.  The definition of a block is defined on 105.  So are they in a block? Yes.  So they can do it.  It deliberately doesn't mention them needing to have there same characteristics. Usual if something isn't there its for a reason.
WHEN ALIGNING CAN A SUPPORTING FILE ALIGN IF FROM A DIFFERENT UG? It can use the Universal 1/2 BW shift (Pge 80 15b) so if the separate UG is within a 1/2BW it can claim this to align as well and end up a supporting file.

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