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Author Topic: RayFest. - It's an event, a happening, a coming together, not a tournament.  (Read 61 times)


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Just to get the event ball rolling again, RJC, Cid, Robin, Pete C, Nik and Ray will be meeting for a one day outdoor event on July 18th.

3 festival tents, 3 tables, 1 garden, 6 players, 18 armies. Yes 18!

Round 1   500BCE - 500CE
Round 2   501 CE - 1,000 CE
Round 3    After 1001 CE*

1. Each round is a different period AND you must use a different army and Nationality. So you can't use Sassanid Persian in round 1 and 2 for example.            
2. Any army* in date range is allowable. Allies have to be in date obviously.             
3.  *Italian Wars pdf is NOT allowed.      

Let's hope there are more events being planned to fill the gap until Tournaments can resume.

There will be prizes!!

Ray Duggins
MeG Tournament Ambassador.            
Message me if you need information about MeG tournaments in the UK