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Author Topic: Rule proposition for Fantasticus et Gloriam  (Read 736 times)

Edouard De Caen

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Rule proposition for Fantasticus et Gloriam
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:12:57 AM »
While reviewing the current (beta) rules for FeG I could not help but notice two problems regarding unit building :
●Firstly, how to deal with unit spead.
●Secondly, how to deal with beast and monster in combat.

Two often bests and monster are fighting as elephant but with fleet on foot, ex: dragons and griffons.

I propose the following:

A. Add a quality : Divine
In addition to Poor, Average, Superior and Exceptional, add Divine. They would be powerful in melee, roll a Black die on KaB and Unskilled and Experienced shooter would apply a Downgrade to shooting. Skilled shooter would
This would allow for more nuances as most fantasy settings requires. Titans, Ancient Dragons and Demi-god could be treated as Divine quality for example.
Exceptional units would be more common particularly in superior races like the Elves or Daemons.

B. Add type : Monster
The beast type is essentially could in Melee but average in charge because they tned to be combersome creature but once they are in the midst of combat they are brutales.
The idea is to have a broad type to cover all those creatures to which characterstics such as Devastating Chargers, Melee Expert, Fleet on Foot and Fanatics could added for more flavor. Monster would representer any creature of great size like Ogers, Trolls, Griffons, Dragons, Wyvern and Giant. Some could be unprotected like giants, other protected like trolls and other Fully armord like dragon and other creatures with scales. Intelligent species like Ogres could even have weapons.
Movement speed would be like close infantry.

In Charge Beast would have +1 vs infantry unless LSp or Pk.
In melee +2 vs Cvl, Cml, Ch, El, loose and skirmish infatry and +1 vs other.

C. Add a characsteritic : Fly
While fast creatures like Elves, Werewolves, etc could have Fleet on Foot flying UGs need they own characteritics. Fly would be 6BW with the possibility to ignore all terrain between starting point and destination.

Think to think about :
The QRS would need to be redone to include Beasts. Point cost for Beast and FLy, Base size should be discussed.

What do you guys think ? Let me hear your opinion.