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Author Topic: COMPENDIUM ERRATA AND CLARRIES  (Read 1076 times)

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« on: May 29, 2020, 12:11:04 PM »
Delighted to say that even for the competition experts we have only found 9 errata in total. I said if we were under 20 I would be very happy so thanks all for the help tightening it so well.


ELEPHANTS FACING CALTROPS Elephants do suffer the ‘barricade’ factors of +4/+2 as stated in the caltrop characteristics, even though they are not mentioned in the QRS. Their ignoring of actual Barricades does not apply to caltrops.
CHARGE ONLY All such bases shoot as experienced shooters.
CAMELS MELEE CLAIM Applies to camelry, so camel mounted infantry are excluded from the bonus.
DOUBLE WHEEL The diagram on Page102 is in error and should have been updated. It should have a 1BW directly forward advance between the two wheels, to then agree with the QRS.
TWO BASES FIGHTING ONE  141 9.5 E 3.  Add “or corners” after edges.  Thereby the diagram is correct.
CONTRIBUTING Add a definition to glossary. “Contributing: a base whose presence is required for any claim or claim cancellation in the claims tables that is applying”.  It is relevant for whether a base can be shot at or not when in melee combat, and is different to engaged which affects whether they can be repositioned with MF1 moves. Thus a second rank of shieldwall is contributing if it is cancelling mounted ME, but a 4th rank of Pike is not as it is never necessary for the melee claim.
KEIL Add a sentence which somehow we lost off the end. Bases fight to flank as if they were turned to face, but only 1 rank deep (therefore gaining no rank factors but negating any +s to the enemy for a flank charge or flank melee).”  As with all pike formation, the bases will keep the choice to fight to the side or add factors frontally as per options on the diagram on page 151.
PACTO QRS The comments in notes about expansion and contractions of SuGs are a legacy from the Maximus version that I failed to remove. Please ignore them all. 
ALIGNING Para 7 at the top of page 137 should read UGs may not align entirely out of frontal contact with an enemy UG unless another UG in the same alignment is taking its place and it remains fighting enemy with its front edge. Add the bold.
DISPLACING SUGS 114K should read "displaced by the minimum necessary up to a maximum of 1BW" to be thereby consistent with page 80.

HESITANT AND FLANK MARCHING GENERALS When it says that hesitant allies and flank marching generals may not discard this means in the course of playing alternate actions.  Clearly, they can discard cards as part of SP1.1 to return unwanted cards into the pack.
WHEN CONSIDERING PAGE 146 I 3.4 TO WHAT SPECIFICALLY DOES "ALIGNING" REFER.  It means the general process of aligning and therefore by either player.  So if any aligning could create a supporting file it fights - a liberal version with more fights rather than less! Matters most in Pacto.
GENERALS IN COMBAT A general in a file may be fighting in the front rank or not (the owner choosing whether the general joins combat prior to both sides rolling for that file). Once committed they can only leave combat using a CM1 prompted action, and this causes a KaB test unless the general is immediately committed to fight in another file of the same UG.
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