Major Championships

We have four MAJORS in MeG around the world. For 2020 they are as shown below.  

In 2020 all four are sponsored by PSC and EVERY player will get a free box set of their new ULTRACAST Plastics – so entry is pretty much free when you take this into account.  

We have 42 entries for the 2019 Worlds and are expecting over 60 players in 2020.

We already have 32 entries for the European Championship in Brussels.

We already have 20 entries for the Australian Championship in Canberra.

Come along and play! The atmosphere is very friendly and not at all intimidating.  We even have had two players come to comps never having played and they have learned the rules there!  You can join the chat on the FaceBook page or at the Forum.

Click on the link to get details of the events and how to enter:

Our 2019 MeG World Champion Alasdair Harley receiving his prizes from a purple clad author